FibreNat is a Swiss trading house
operating globally within the international market of natural fibres.


Sisal is a strong and lightweight fibre that is highly appreciated for its creamy colour. Sisal fibre was traditionally processed to make agricultural baler twines and ropes. It is nowadays used by different industries such as: construction, furniture, textile, paper, composite reinforcement and polishing.


Jute, the “golden fibre” is one of the longest and strongest fibre available in the market. Jute is widely known for its use in sacking. Jute is also processed to make yarns, twines and jute cloth. Jute is consumed in its various forms by the following industries: agriculture, construction, furniture, textile, paper and composite reinforcement.


Coir fibre is the thickest and most resistant of all natural fibres. It is frequently used in the production of sustainable geotextiles to limit soil erosion. Coir fibre is also employed in the upholstery industry to fill up furniture, mattresses and automotive seats.


Kapok is a lightweight silky fibre that is waterproof and rot-proof. Kapok fibre is mainly used in the upholstery industry to fill up pillows, blankets, mattresses, furniture and premium garments.



Natural and handmade goods.

-Palm leaf bags, handmade.

-Cotton and jute bags, custom-made.